While it may seem straightforward, there isn't currently a way to update an Azure Spot Instance VM size in the Azure Portal.

As always, I fallback to the Azure CLI, which is far more powerful and flexible than the Portal.

Warning: the following process may cause a brief interruption and restart of your VM.  Additionally, if you use Ephemeral Disks, they will be wiped during the resize operation.


  1. Ensure you are on the most recent version of the Azure CLI.  Older version do not support Spot Instances.
az vm resize \
  --name {VM Name} \
  --resource-group {Resource Group Name} \
  --subscription {Subscription Id} \
  --size Standard_D2s_v3 
Command to Resize a VM (including Spot Instances)

Hint: if you are unsure of available VM names:

az vm list-vm-resize-options \
  --name {VM Name} \
  --resource-group {Resource Group Name} \
  --subscription {Subscription Id}
Command to list available VM Sizes

That's it.  Thank you for reading.  I'd love to hear your thoughts or any questions that you may have.